Due to the harsh Australian conditions it is essential to have the correct insulation in your home.

The correct insulation will assist in keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This will also help keep those electricity bills down by reducing the need for air-conditioning as much.

At Metaldeck Roofing Supplies we stock both 55mm and 75mm insulation blanket but can source many other types that your project may require.


Like insulation, proper ventilation can help in providing a more comfortable climate in your home. We can supply the standard 300mm domestic ventilators up to the larger industrial size ventilators in the full colorbond range.


Installing a skylight can improve by providing a source of natural lighting. Metaldeck Roofing offer the full range of Velux skylights as well as other acrylic and glass skylights to suit all roof profiles.

Structural Products:

If you are looking to construct an awning or carport, we can supply a range of coloured beams and posts for you to install.


Metaldeck Roofing Supplies stock a wide range of fixings in the full colorbond range. No matter what roofing sheet or application you require, we have the fixings you need.

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