The Best Way To Prepare Your Roof For Installation & What You Should Expect

At Metal Deck, we are experienced in Residential & Commercial metal roofing projects of all shapes and sizes!

Understanding what to expect and how to prepare before, during and after your metal roof installation is key to ensuring the project goes smoothly with no complications or surprises!

The most common questions we hear are:

– How do I sufficiently prepare my home for a metal roof installation?
– Will someone need to be at the property during the whole time of the installation?
– Where will the contractor place their vehicles, equipment, tip bins etc?
– How should I prepare my pets, kids and neighbours for the loud noises?
– How long does install usually take?

With over 20+ years working in roofing installation, Metal Deck can help ease your stress and provide you easy to understand steps on what to expect before, during and after the installation of your metal roof.

What To Expect Before Your Metal Roof Installation

Metal Roofing Consultations

Before any installation starts, we will need to inspect your property to get a better understanding of the project. You can expect us to:

1. Conduct a site inspection to look at:
– Gutters
– Roof access
– Surrounding landscape
– Potential problem areas
– Penetration points
– Flashing zones
– Low spots
– Differing roof planes
– All perimeters and “change of plain” such as transitions, valleys, backs and sides of chimneys, etc.
Note: Make sure to communicate any previous issues you have had as there might be residual damage to the roof deck or even the structure.

2. Field measurement to establish the exact size and dimensions of your roof.

3. Sit down with you to give you the options of:
– Panel choices
– Metal material choices
– Colors and finishes
– Profiles
– Accessories
– Add-ons – Such as skylights, daylighting, solar panels, etc.
– Maintenance – Preventative maintenance is recommended to gain the most out of your investment
– Warranties and if they are an additional cost

4. Discussion of Payment method
– Financed, credit, cash or covered by insurance provider

5. Answer any questions you may have.

5. Based from the field measurement, site inspection and product choices, give you a quote.
– Discuss any unforeseen problems that could occur once the tear of the original roof begins such as bad decking, and how these added costs will be addressed.

Accepting The Quote

After taking some time to review the quote, you choose to accept, well what happens next?  At Metal Deck we will discuss the below with you:

1. The date of which the installation will begin based on the availability of yourself and us.

2. The terms of upfront payment and how it will be collected.

3. The best way to contact and communicate with one another.

We’d also recommend asking us what you should do to prepare your property and affected areas such as your yard, driveway and pool before installation.

Our Project Preparation

As well as communicating the process of installation with you before the start date, we are also responsible for:
– Making a reminder phone call at least one week before the scheduled installation date.
– Providing back up plans in the event of poor weather.
– Dropping off any required materials, equipment, tools and accessories (if needed)
– Organising for a skip bin to be brought to the property, especially if the original roof is going to be torn off.
– Supplying an exterior outlet (if needed).
– Understanding the building access and instructing installers of property areas that are out of bounds as well as gates/doors to shut etc.

Home or Building Owner Preparations

Before installation there are some tasks that the property owner should do ahead of time to help the fluidity of the install process. Such as:

1. Clear and keep all sidewalks surrounding your home free.
– Commercial properties should consider assembling blockades so that customers or patrons can stay safe.

2. Clear all driveways from vehicles, bikes and other any other items that could obstruct the contractors work space.
– If possible, make sure workspace is clear and that and storage area for their tools and equipment for period of the install is free.

3. Tidy items in and around areas like your yard, paths, decks, balconies etc.
– Move any fragile items that could get damaged like potted plants, sculptures, bird baths, wind chimes from underneath the roof.

4. Protect and cover plants and flowers located beneath the roof or next to the building.
– The simplest and most convenient way to do so is to cover with a on for more tarps.

5. Notify surrounding neighbours of potential loud noises that will be heard during the installation period.

6. Plan where your pets can go if needed to be let outside.
– Ask us whether there is an entrance that would be safest for your pets to use.
– Ahead of installation make your we are aware that you have pets so that they are aware of closing doors and gates that need to remain shut during installation.

7. If the roof deck needs to be repaired or replaced (which will open up your property to the outside), you should consider covering or moving any unprotected items, as the area will quickly become dusty and dirty due to the loose debris.


What To Expect During Your Metal Roof Installation

The Basics Of Metal Roof Installation

It goes without saying that there will be plenty of activity on your property during the days of installation. Each project process will differ slightly, however, there are some frequent expectations you should be prepared for such as:

– The possibility of many workers within your yard or on your roof for the entirety of the installation.
– The process will be loud during certain periods and can even shake your home.
– Children and pets may become irritated with the loud activity.
– Items could potentially fall off the roof at any given moment, especially if a tear down is planned.
– The yard area and property will quickly become dirty and dusty, so make sure to shut all doors and windows.
– The yard and surrounding areas may not be cleaned up until the installation is complete. You may have accessories, coverings, roof pieces around your yard.
– The skip bin may not be removed immediately from the property once the installation is complete and could take up to a week.

What To Expect Of Your Property During a Metal Roof Installation

We will not expect the property owner to provide us with anything that isn’t associated with the install. All that we require and appreciate is that you allow us to perform with the space needed to complete the metal roof installation. Please also keep in mind:

1. Generally we will not need a lot of space to park their vehicles and transportation however, it is still important to allow enough space as possible for them to access their tools and equipment with no obstructions.

2. Feel free to offer, however we do not expect to use your household restroom.

3. Although always appreciated, you do not have to provide any food or refreshments.

4. Some tools or machinery may need electricity to operate, which should be discussed beforehand so that you are okay with providing access to outlets or power sources.

Home or Property Owner Accessibility During Installation

To ensure the installation process runs smoothly you should be aware of your involvement in the project. As an example, any conclusions that affect the pricing of the metal roofing should directly involve the property or home owner/owners.

We recommend, that if you have the ability to be at home during the installation you should. This helps with any decision making and removes any grey areas.

Elect a primary stakeholder to be the main contact who will also act as the overseer of the whole project.

What To Expect After Your Metal Roof Installation

Contractor Clean Up

Once the installation has been completed, one of the first things we will do is clean up the site. This includes a variety of tasks such as:

1. Inspecting the yard and picking up any loose nails, rivets, fasteners or other metal accessories that are on the ground.

2. Removing any metal panels, asphalt shingles or other new or torn off materials.

3. If we’ve had to come inside the house at all, we will make sure that it is left it in its original state.

4. If we’ve moved any lawn ornaments such as pots, we will move them back into their original place once installation has been completed.

5. Scheduling a date for when the skip bin will be picked up.

Installation Walk

This is one of the most important parts of the installation process. Once the project is complete we will talk you through their process, how it went, any complications we ran into as well as future maintenance tips for your new roof!

Final Discussions

Once everything has been finalised, addressed and resolved, it is normal to discuss some final areas such as:

1. Final Payments – The way the remainder of the bill will be invoiced depends on your contractor, therefore it’s important to talk about how you should be paying.

2. Warranties – Although you should already be aware of your warranty options for your new metal roof, now is the time to bring up how to apply for warranties or actions and to ensure that you get the appropriate documentation. Whether your structure is residential or commercial, the warranties you pick from may vary.
– Note that usually warranties could not be available until all invoices are paid.

3. After-sale Benefits – We offer routine roof maintenance on all metal roofs we installed as an extra cost. If you are interested please notify our roofer and he will advise further on your options.

4. Feedback – Your feedback is important to us! We will ask for your feedback in relation to the satisfaction of the job as well as any improvements they could make for projects in the future.

If you could take the time to leave us a review on either Facebook or Google it would be greatly appreciated!

In conlusion – Metal Deck

Having an understanding of the process lets you thoroughly prepare for your metal roof installation. We’ve found this helps our clients by reliving some stress that comes with installing a new metal roof.

Here at Metal Deck, we are always here to answer any questions you may have regarding the installation of a metal roof. To schedule a consult or speak to one of our metal roofing experts, call us today!


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