How To Pick The Best Colour For Your New Metal Roof!

A question that we get asked often is what colour should we pick for our new metal roof?! Because of that, we thought we’d write a helpful guide to help you consider the different element of colour and metal roofing.

At Metal Deck, we’ve spent over 20 years supplying a huge range of coloured and bare coated metal roofing sheets that have been installed on thousands of structures as roof and wall panels, as well as trims all around Sydney.

Factors to Help You Choose the Best Roof Color

Sometimes property owners might know what colour they want before the project ever starts. However, not everyone might know what will look best on their home or building. Here’s a comprehensive list of factors to keep in mind that can help you narrow down your colour selections.

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Follow Your Heart

One of the best parts about building a new home is that you are making it uniquely yours. For that reason, our first recommendation is that you choose a colour that you love looking at and makes you feel good.

2. Complementary Colours On or Near the New Home Or Building

Our second recommendation may seem simple but is often overlooked. Ideally, you should choose a roof colour that you think looks good when placed next to or nearby the other exterior elements of the property. Look closer and note what colour the following items are:

  • Siding or the colour of the exterior walls
  • Exterior trim
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Door frame(s)
  • Door(s)
  • Window frame(s)
  • Fascia board
  • Column(s)
  • Railing(s)
  • Signs
  • Nearby sheds and barns
  • Landscaping features

Another factor to consider would be that you may not want to make a bold statement with the colour of your new metal roof. In this case, take a look at other colour schemes that are common near your home or building. This can help further guide you to the best metal roof colour in whatever region of Sydney you are in.

3. Use Geographic Location to Guide Your Decision

Although we sell and install metal roofing sheets specifically to Sydney, we wanted to include helpful information for all Australian residences. Therefore depending on your specific Australian climate consider the below to help you select a colour.

Tropical – if you’re living in a tropical location, majority of people installing a metal roof use colours that are brighter and livelier than non-tropical regions. Favoured colours in the tropics include Aged Copper, Patina Green, Slate Blue, Metallic colours and custom colours.

Mountains and Forests – It is fairly common for homes and buildings that are settled in the mountains or forested areas to utilise earth tones that match the surroundings. Popular colours for these areas are Hartford Green, Evergreen, Dark or Medium Bronze, and all of the grey finishes.

Deserts & Plains – Colours used on exterior buildings in the deserts and plains tend to be softer earth tones, including Ash Gray, Dove Gray, Surrey Beige, and Mansard Brown.
South – States or regions in the southern United States tend to follow warmer color schemes and are heavily influenced by Latin architecture; for roofing specifically, Spanish tile is prominent. For properties that want the look of Spanish tile and the protection/longevity of metal roofing, standard colors include Terra Cotta and Colonial Red.

4. Know the Architectural Style of the Structure

Our final recommendation is that you should consider matching the metal roofing sheet colour to the type of architectural style your home or property is categorised as. There are a huge range of architectural styles so it is best to consult your architect. However here are some basic examples of styles and our colour selection suggestions:

Building style: Modern
Colour options: Matte Black, Regal White, Charcoal Gray
Building style: Craftsman
Colour options: Ash Gray, Sierra Tan, Slate Blue
Building style: Victorian
Colour options: Charcoal Gray, Dove Gray, Hemlock Green
Building Style: Farmhouse and Barns
Colour options: Regal Red, Colonial Red, White

In summary, exterior colours will differ for every property based on geographic location, architectural style, environment, temperature, surrounding elements, and local organisations.

There are various types of colours and textures available as metal roofing, including custom colours that can be matched by paint suppliers. Use a manufacturer’s roof visualiser tool to see how a specific colour will look on a property, or request physical colour samples for the most authentic representation.

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